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Die Komplettlösung
von Clina

capillary tube mats | types of mats

In order to provide an ideal solution for every application, the Clina team in Berlin has been developing optimised capillary tube systems since the 1990s. The mats currently available differ in terms of the diameter and spacing of the capillary tubes, shape, diameter and position of the main tubes and are available with or without a backing material.

Profile capillary tube mat

The Clina capillary tube mat is made of high-quality flexible plastic PP-R (polypropylene random copolymer, DIN EN ISO 19069-1). It consists of individual 3.4 or 4.3 mm slender capillary tubes that are connected to each other via a supply and return line, so-called trunk tubes. The capillaries are arranged parallel to each other at a distance of 10 or 20 mm. The mats are supplied in lengths of up to 6.0 m and variable widths of up to 1.0 m. 

Clina capillary tube mats are supplied from the factory in different versions depending on the desired area of application in the ceiling, wall, floor or ground and the type of installation, e.g. in plaster, in or on screed. During project planning, the optimum capillary tube mat is selected and customised for each project.

Overview of mat types


ORIMAT_Detail_BioClina Kapillarrohrmatte

The basic capillary tube mat from which all other mat types were derived. Due to the small capillary tube diameter, the ORIMAT adapts easily to surfaces.

ORIMAT is particularly suitable for use in drywall ceilings. In this area of application, the ORIMAT is placed on plasterboard or drywall floating. The small distance between the capillary tubes of 10 mm ensures maximum heat transfer.


OPTIMAT_Detail_BioClina Kapillarrohrmatte

The optimised Clina capillary tube mat with a reinforced capillary tube diameter for heating and cooling for all applications in which the capillary tube mat is exposed to increased mechanical and/or thermal loads. The OPTIMAT has been specially developed for the requirements of shell construction.

The OPTIMAT is ideally suited for use in plaster, screed, concrete or in the ground as a ground collector. The more robust capillary tube provides an increase in safety and, thanks to the larger free cross-section, there is a significantly lower pressure loss and better ventilation.


FOLIMAT Detail BioClina Kapillarrohrmatte in Trägerfolie

The ready-made capillary tube mat which is clicked into a perforated insert foil. Due to the protected position of the capillaries in the foil the FOLIMAT can be walked on without any risk of damage even before the floor covering is placed or laid.

It is primarily intended for laying on existing (screed) subfloors in the floor area. FOLIMAT is used as a thin-layer underfloor heating system and is laid on a load-bearing substrate of screed, wood or drywall elements. 

An installation height of just 8 mm (depending on the floor structure and surface covering) is already sufficient. This makes it excellently suitable for renovation.

Technische Daten

MATERIAL/COLOUR Polypropylene (PP-R) recyclable/blue Polypropylene (PP-R) recyclable/blue mat distributor pipe and capillary tube: Polypropylene (PP-R) recyclable/blue;
insert foil: Polystyrene/black
MAT DISTRIBUTOR PIPE 20 x 2,0 mm 20 x 2,0 mm 20 x 2,0 mm
CAPILLARY TUBE MAT 3,4 x 0,55 mm 4,3 x 0,8 mm 4,3 x 0,8 mm



  •  floor | in screed
  • floor | onto cement screed or floating screed
  • floor | onto wooden or dry screed subfloors



  • drywall ceiling
  • floating ceiling
  • plaster ceiling | plaster on gypsum board
  • plaster ceiling | plaster on concrete



  • plasterboard wall
  • plaster wall  | bare concrete, brick wall, gypsum board



  • ground collector