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Die Komplettlösung
von Clina

Manifold with actuators

The BioClina manifold is made of glass fibre reinforced, heat and cold resistant plastic (-20 °C to + 90 °C) with integrated air chambers. The air chambers make the manifold thermally insulating.

The heating and cooling circuits are connected to the BioClina manifold and can therefore be controlled separately. Control valves with thermal actuators are located on the manifold flow for this purpose.

The adjustable flow rate regulators on the manifold return ensure the hydraulic balancing of the heating and cooling circuits and thus the needs-based supply of the connected mat zones. The heating circuits are connected using corrosion-resistant connection fittings.



  • Flow and return manifold in modular design with shut-off valves in the flow module
  • Flow rate regulator on the return module
  • Thermometer for flow and return, shut-off ball valve, pressure gauge
  • Wall bracket with screws and plugs
  • Connection fittings
  • Thermal actuators 24 / 230 V in the flow line

BioClina-Verteiler mit Stellantrieben