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Die Komplettlösung
von Clina

Control Heating and Cooling

For dual use of the BioClina system for heating and cooling, a suitable room controller, which is operated exclusively with 24 V, is also available. This is connected to a corresponding dew point sensor, which interrupts the cooling if the humidity is too high and thus ensures that there is no condensation on the active wall and ceiling surfaces.

The individual room control unit for heating and cooling is available as a on-wall mounting and in-wall mounting version.



  • Room temperature controller reversible for heating and/or cooling - 24 volt version
  • Dew point sensor - for attachment to the capillary tube mats or to the pipe - for connection to the room controller for heating and cooling - 24 V (the connection cable must be provided by the customer)


Raumtemperaturregler zum Heizen und Kühlen - Aufputz-Variante
room temperature controller for heating and cooling - on-wall mounting


Taupunktfühler zum Aufschalten auf den Raumregler zum Heizen und Kühlen
dew point sensor for connection to the room controller