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Die Komplettlösung
von Clina

Control heating

The room temperature controller measures the room temperature and compares it with the set target value. If there is a temperature deviation, the assigned thermal actuator opens or closes the control valve on the flow of the heating circuit manifold. This allows the temperature of each room to be controlled individually according to the user's preferences.

A night-time reduction of 4 degrees Celsius can also be set using an additional timer. Even with BioClina capillary tube mats integrated in the screed, this control system guarantees a rapid response to changing room temperatures.

The room thermostats can be operated with 24 or 230 V depending on the planning. Corresponding informative planning and installation instructions are included in the package.



  • Room temperature controller for heating for 24 / 230 V on-wall mounting / in-wall mounting - (the connection cable must be provided by the customer)
Raumtemperaturregler zum Heizen Aufputz-Variante
room temperature controller for heating on-wall mounting version


Raumtemperaturregler zum Heizen Unterputz-Variante
room temperature controller for heating in-wall mounting version